Why Attend?

In today's economy it is imperative to implement industry best practices. Regulatory changes and competitive pressures can significantly impact your operations and understanding how best to navigate your company through these turbulent times will ensure your success for the long run. IPMI's unique event format presents executives with cutting edge information on the latest business trends, best practices, tools, and strategies - invaluable information to support corporate decision making.

IPMI Institutes are restricted to top level executives - those with the power to influence and make decisions. Some of the primary reasons executives elect to attend an IPMI Institute are:


Cutting Edge Content

Expand your core competencies and gain professional satisfaction through knowledge advancement. IPMI Institutes are expertly researched, produced and delivered by your industry's foremost thought leaders, to provide you with critical and timely business information that will impact your corporate performance.

Maintain Your Competitive Edge

IPMI Institutes allow you to benchmark your strengths and weaknesses against your competition. Having access to this business intelligence empowers you with the insight necessary to build upon your market position.

Effective Use of Your Time

You can pre-determine and customize your own itinerary to solve the issues and challenges most relevant to you, affording you the opportunity to source solutions and services to support your most pressing business needs.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

Foster innovative discussion through information exchange with like-minded individuals, executives at the same level as yourself, who have had or who are experiencing similar challenges to yours. Raise your professional profile through various formal and informal networking opportunities.