How long have you been executing the one-on-one model?
The IPMI team has over 30 years combined experience in executing the one-on-one business model. We have seen what works and what does not and are committed to ensuring your experience is a rewarding one.

What is the dress code?
Business casual.

How do you select the venues?
IPMI Institutes take place at luxury hotels and resorts primarily located outside of city centres but conveniently located in close proximity to airports. These venues are chosen to minimize outside distractions allowing for a more intimate and engaging environment for the executives.

Why Sunday to Tuesday?
Starting the events on a Sunday and running through to Tuesday afternoon allows the executives to maximize their productivity with minimal time spent out of the office.

How do you choose your service providers?
Attendance at an IPMI Institute is by invitation only. Service providers are invited based on their relevance to the topic area, demand from the delegates for their presence or recommendations from our advisory committee and/or speakers.

How long are the business meetings?
30 minutes.

Who will have access to my profile information?
Service providers will be able to view delegate profile information in order to assist with the scheduling process. Likewise, delegates will have access to all service provider profiles. Only those involved in the Institute will be given passwords to access our secure web based software.

How are the business meetings scheduled?
One month before the event, our online meeting scheduler goes live. Everyone involved will be provided a password to access our secure web based scheduling portal which contains the profiles of all attendees. Delegates will be able to access the profile details for all service providers and will make their meeting selections based on their needs and interests. Similarly, service providers will review the profile information of all delegates and will make selections based on their business development or other priorities. Once all selections are made the software generates individual itineraries predicated on mutual interest.

Can anyone attend?
Attendance at IPMI Institutes are by invitation only. Both delegates and service providers are invited to participate in the event based on their relevance to the topic area and demand for their presence. Delegates are pre-qualified and have to meet certain criteria vis-a-vis scope of responsibility and decision-making capability.

How do you select your speakers and topics? 
The core function of IPMI Institute conference producers is to conduct extensive research in the market to determine which topics and speakers to profile at the event. They establish relationships with key executives within certain industries and create tailored, practical agendas that keep business executives up-to-date with industry trends, technological developments and regulatory changes