Recap of the 2017 Healthcare Finance Institute

The Healthcare Finance Institute wrapped up a couple of weeks ago and was a resounding success with comments including:

“I had a great experience. The event was extremely informational and fun at the same time. I was able to network with a great group of people.”

“The quality of the speaking faculty was excellent…with great knowledge of the topics and able to present with real life scenarios so the audience can relate.”

“The topics discussed touched on the core of the issues faced in healthcare today. The event offered a more intimate venue which provided a positive networking opportunity.”

Whether the executives were discussing patient safety and quality, the varying impacts of technology, HR Strategy, bridging the gap between fee for service and value based payments, best practices for optimizing revenue cycle or the rise of consumerism, it was clear that they relished the opportunity to be able to share ideas with one another, learn from each other’s experiences and maximize their time at the meeting through attending sessions, meeting with vendors and networking.

With responsibilities for a range of strategic, operational and technical activities, the CFO role is often likened to that of a conductor and in this dynamic healthcare landscape, CFOs and other executives need to develop and continually nurture resilience.

As stated by one of the Institute’s speakers, Dr. Samson Jesudass of Ascension Health, “As far as resilience is concerned, we in healthcare, are blessed to realize that every interaction we make, we have a God given opportunity to touch, heal and influence someone at the most vulnerable times in their lives. Every healthcare worker has this opportunity, be they the janitor or the person at the check in desk to the neurosurgeon/CV surgeon who operates. Helping them find meaning in what they do is key and recognizing what they do is imperative to keeping them engaged. People do not burn out because of hard work, they burn out because of meaningless work which does not contribute to the progress they expect.”

And with that thought, the Institute concluded and the CFOs returned to their respective organizations, fresh with ideas for starting or improving various initiatives having forged many new relationships and renewed their sense of purpose whilst at the Institute. 

We look forward to hosting next year’s Healthcare Finance Institute, April 22nd – 24th, 2018. For further information about joining the speaker faculty, please contact Nas Panwar at