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What Are the Major Challenges You Are Facing as an Executive HR Leader

The workplace is changing, and HR executives are ready to tackle what’s to come head on. From February 26th – 28th, CHROs and VPs of HR gathered at the JW Marriott in Miami, Florida for the HR Management Institute, to collaborate on HR solutions that will improve their organizations. Before the conference began, we polled the attendees from organizations including Best Buy, BASF, Corus Entertainment, L Brands, NBC Universal, Northwell Health and Schneider Electric, asking them, “What are the major challenges and concerns you are facing as an Executive HR Leader in your organization today?” The top 3 responses we received were: ‘Leadership Development’, ‘Talent Development’ and ‘Employee Engagement.’ 

With these concerns top of mind, the 2 ½ days consisted of roundtable discussions, networking opportunities and speaking engagements designed for HR leaders to foster innovative dialogue and work together to improve the HR industry. The discussions dove into solutions for developing leaders, attracting & retaining top talent, recognition programs that drive culture & engagement and leveraging technology to enhance HR capabilities. Equipped with innovative tools and information, attendees headed back to their offices ready to implement new strategies and best practices.

Are you ready to share your voice? The HR Management Institute is taking place for a 2nd time this year from July 23rd – 25th, 2017 at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, CA. Please email to request a copy of the agenda.

IPMI Announces Major Speaking Partnerships for Upcoming HR Management Institute

 B2B conference company, International Performance Management Institute (IPMI), announced a number of valuable speaking partnerships today for the upcoming HR Management Institute. These partnerships include Paula Baker, CHRO at Best Buy Co.; Wendy Crudele, VP Global HR Operations at The Walt Disney Company; Michael Messier, CHRO at Excelitas Technologies Corp.; and Greg Hicks, SVP HR at Cigna Corporation.

All speakers contribute significant knowledge and experience in leadership development, talent development and leveraging human capital metrics to IPMI’s semi-annual HR Management Institute, taking place February 26th – 28th 2017 at the JW Marriott in Miami, FL.

The HR Management Institute is an invite-only conference catering to C-Suite HR executives of Fortune 500 and 1000 companies across the country. In addition to a robust agenda, IPMI also invites only the most cutting-edge solution providers to the Institute to deliver contemporary and relevant information exchange to attendees. What sets IPMI conferences apart from other conferences are the pre-scheduled, pre-selected one-on-one business meetings with relevant solution providers.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the esteemed group of CHROs ready to drive employee engagement, improve corporate culture, and inspire creativity. Please call the director of the program, Mark Arruda, at 416-628-4058 ext 101 or send him an email at for more information and to secure your seat.

IPMI is one of the world’s fastest growing providers of B2B information. IPMI develops and disseminates critical and timely business events exclusively for senior corporate executives. Bringing product providers and purchaser business communities together in print, in person and online, we have a reputation for delivering high quality and relevant information to our clients, empowering them to make educated business decisions to drive corporate performance objectives.

2016 Human Capital Trends for Continued Corporate Success

How do you ensure continued corporate success?

Human Resources teams are finally getting the recognition they deserve. While the common misconception is that HR only exists to hire new talent and reprimand bad behavior, it’s clear that their roles are much more complex.

With three generations in the workforce and new HR software solutions readily available, HR leaders are tasked with constantly analyzing data to understand employee satisfaction, to implement best practices for candidate and employee retention, and to take action in areas that are no longer working.

To drive corporate success in 2016, CHROs are thinking like CEOs and aligning their goals and strategies with emerging trends designed to improve the employee experience.

  • It’s all in the Design…Thinking

Design thinking is a trend that cannot be ignored. This new way of thinking requires HR leaders to forget about general HR processes that could “somewhat work” for “most organizations”, and instead zero in on their employees and create customized plans that will ensure a positive employee experience. With design thinking, HR executives must learn how their employees interact with each other and with technology, and then utilize the data to decide the most effective way to deliver information and obtain feedback, as well as choose the types of wellness perks and learning programs to offer. When it comes to recruiting, HR teams can test out different candidate experience processes to see which attracts and retains top talent.

  • HR 2.0 – HR has gone Digital

Integrating digital HR solutions into your strategy is invaluable for the success of your company as it ties in learning and engagement tactics as well. As technology is already a major component of people’s lives for both work and play, Digital HR will create more accessible opportunities for recruiting, employee engagement, employee management and training. Digital HR starts from recruiting, as teams can leverage social media for job postings and offer video recruiting and interview options to new candidates.

For current employees, digital HR will amplify the employee experience. Having an app or an online platform employees can easily access is extremely helpful. To start, employees can access video and quick training materials on their own time and learn at their own pace. Second, digital HR platforms can offer employee feedback surveys or quizzes online and offer incentives on completion. Additionally, HR teams can even implement a work-life balance component to increase productivity and offer wellness tips or reminder notifications to take breaks. Finally, “going digital” makes collecting analytics and analyzing results more accurate and efficient.

  • It’s Time to Get Organized

Companies are seeing major changes in their organizational design – instead of a hierarchy or silos, organizations understand the value of working as a team and encouraging one another to collaborate on winning solutions. Ditching the traditional organizational design of a company creates a more open and inclusive environment, increasing employee morale and engagement. Further, by eliminating silos, employees can offer their expertise to colleagues, enhance their skills by learning other areas of the business, and feel empowered to be a part of the future success of the business. Deciding to change a company’s organizational design is a hard task, but it encourages CHROs and CEOs to work together with their employees to align their initiatives and ultimately strengthen the team and improve the corporate culture.

Do you have a good story to tell? Share your expertise at the HR Management Institute. We’re on the lookout for speakers to dive into the challenges and solutions that are associated with design thinking, digital HR, organizational design, and much more. 

Building Better Leaders: Q&A with Lizanne Gottung CHRO, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Leadership is a key element of any successful HR strategy and yet, only 33% of HR executives believe they have strong leadership programs in place according to ADP’s 2015 HR Leaders Survey. What is particularly even more staggering however is that just 7% of employees say they have faith in their current leaders when asked.

This year, the HR Management Institute is fortunate to have Liz Gottung, SVP and CHRO at Kimberly-Clark Corporation join us July 17th -19th at the Four Seasons Westlake Village to conduct the opening keynote on her own leadership journey and the commitment Kimberly-Clark has to deepen and diversify its leadership bench. 

Take a look at our Q&A with Liz Gottung below for a sneak peek of what’s to come at the conference!

1.    At the HR Management Institute you are speaking on leadership and how to build better leaders in an HR team. What would you say is a top trait/quality that an HR executive needs to transform their role and become a successful and inspiring leader?

  • Ability to influence up, down and sideways
  • Understand business drivers and ensure that communication of expectations are clear and consistent
  • Insistence on best talent in critical roles

2.    According to ADP’s 2015 HR Leaders Survey only 33% of HR executives believe they have a strong leadership program in place. What does Kimberly-Clark do to ensure their leadership program is strong and diverse?

We ask our employees how our leaders are doing and what they could do better… both formally and informally. Our Diversity & Inclusion team works directly with the Talent group to ensure our programs meet the unique needs of a diverse global workforce.

3.    What are some common red flags/issues HR executives should be addressing in their current leadership program to improve it for the future?

•    Focus on imparting content knowledge versus sustainable behavior change. Too many leadership development programs seem to focus on human behavior theory, etc. without enough emphasis on:
    Accurately assessing the manager against required leadership skills
    Identifying and addressing the underlying causes of each participant’s developmental challenges
    Providing the best techniques, motivation, support, time and experiences needed to dramatically improve managers’ behaviors on the job

•    Lack of follow up coaching/reinforcement
    Organizational Development and Learning professionals are too often not integrated/aligned with the business strategy and can become overly attached to their own content and theories about adult learning. They are sometimes too focused on emotional intelligence rather than exploring the latest research in neuroscience and intelligence ensuring that their programs provide better business results and better leaders.

4.    What are you most looking forward to at the HR Management Institute?

I am especially looking forward to the interactive Think Tanks, particularly the ones about building coaching capability in leaders – an area of key focus for my team this year.

Are you interested in learning more? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network with CHROs and VPs of HR like yourself through insightful business meetings, innovative think tank discussions, and intimate business meetings. Join the inner circle today.