Healthcare IT Institute: A Resounding Success

The Healthcare IT Institute wrapped up last week and was a resounding success with comments including:

“I had a great experience. The event was extremely informational and fun at the same time. I was able to network with a great group of people.”

“The quality of the speaking faculty was excellent…with great knowledge of the topics and able to present with real life scenarios so the audience can relate.”

“The topics discussed touched on the core of the issues faced in healthcare today. The event offered a more intimate venue which provided a positive networking opportunity.”

Senior executives at hospitals and health systems across the US recognize the central role that IT will increasingly play in the drive to create efficiencies and balance cost and value. The discussions over the course of the three days at the 2017 Healthcare IT Institute centered on evolving and new roles within hospitals and health systems to better handle the explosion of data, to leverage data analytics, to facilitate the drive towards population health management, and to develop value-focused and consumer-driven initiatives that enhance patient access, interaction, and engagement.

Three highly engaging panels on The CIO Redefined as a Decision Maker, Skilled Strategist and Patient AdvocateLeveraging Big Data Analytics to Advance Value-Based Population Health Management and Effectively Meeting the Cyber Security Challenges generated lively discussions, a variety of questions and multiple conversations that continued throughout the Institute.

From an 'animal print-off' to a weekly red pant day, Laura Wilt of Ochsner Health System led an enthusiastic discussion on ways in which Hospital and Health System IT Departments can maximize their success through Driving Employee Engagement and Performance.

As Mary Alice Annecharico of Henry Ford Health System stated in a discussion on Making Cost Effective Investments in a Highly Regulated Environment, “You can write your own great ROI story, but the best successes take more than software. Create an organization[al] drive to achieve savings and formalize the effort with a charter and leadership buy-in. Leverage [a] catalyst for change, and actively engage clinical and rev cycle leadership for a holistic approach to improvement. Agility is key and change is constant".

After a busy few days with intensive information exchange and networking, including a fun night at The Westin Hilton Head Island’s Grand Ocean Terrace, the CIOs returned to their respective organizations, fresh with ideas for starting or improving various initiatives, having forged many new relationships and renewed their sense of purpose whilst at the Institute. 

We look forward to hosting next year’s Healthcare IT Institute, June 3rd – 5th, 2018. For further information about joining the speaker faculty, please contact Nas Panwar at

A Patient-Centric System is the Future of Healthcare IT

Globally, the US ranks number one in healthcare spending; on a per capita basis, the US will spend twice as much as on healthcare than any other industrialized nation. In 2016, the healthcare bill was over $3 trillion, about 18 percent of GDP. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks the US 37th in healthcare capability and outcomes. One of the solutions to alleviate this is the improved exchange and control of data with a patient-centric focus.

Although Meaningful Use and the advent of the EMR have endowed many healthcare organizations with significant data assets, few would claim that we have truly realized the promised digital dividend. One of the most desired future capabilities is analytics-driven personalized healthcare: using data to guide care on an individual-by-individual basis.  However, different hospital systems, different payer systems and different Electric Health Record (EHR) systems have led to inadequate data exchange resulting in poor reconciliation of services, increased costs and frustrated patients.

This year, the Healthcare IT Institute is honored to have Dr. Edmund Jackson, VP & Chief Data Scientist at HCA and Alistair Jacques, SVP & CIO at Fairview Health Services share their insights and expertise with their executive CIO peers. Dr. Edmund Jackson will be leading a discussion on the digital dividend. His discussion will bring to light that while there has been progress made to use data to guide care on a personalized basis, the watershed moment leading to mass adoption has not been reached, and he will challenge the CIOs in attendance to answer, “Why?” And “How much still has to be done?”

Complementing Dr. Jackson’s discussion will be a lively session led by Alistair Jacques. Alistair will foster innovative dialogue with attendees on a patient-centric approach to thrive in the digital age. His session will present the case for patient mobile device management and how it is beneficial for both patients and providers: patients can access their records and get immediate medical help via an app, and providers will have easy access to patient information through a single patient ID, and their resources will be utilized more efficiently.

In a constantly evolving environment in which consumerism and customization are the catalysts for change, CIOs need to cost-effectively navigate the protection of PHI, proactively avoid cyber attacks and meet the health needs and digital expectations of their patients. Don’t miss your chance to share your insights and learn from your peers at this year’s Healthcare IT Institute, taking place June 4th – 6th, 2017 at The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa, Hilton Head Island, SC. Join the inner circle today