Speaker Spotlight: Jo Anne Hill, Director, Diversity & Employee Engagement, Aflac


This week, the HR Management Institute Speaker Spotlight is highlighting Jo Anne Hill, Director of Diversity and Employee Engagement from Aflac, and presenter at this year’s HR Management Institute, speaking on our “Diversity and Inclusion Panel Discussion”.  We had a chance to catch up with Jo Anne this week and ask her a few more personal questions about her work at Aflac and the role of a leading HR Leader today.

This is what she shared with us:

What attributes or personal characteristics do you believe are integral to your role?

I believe the ability to lead by example, influence others, and motivate and inspire others are essential characteristics to my role as director of Diversity and Employee Engagement at Aflac.

What is your advice to someone who is moving up the ranks in the field and wants to pursue an executive career?

I was given valuable advice that I still practice today: Chase your passion and not your paycheck. Your career and life should be guided by your personal belief system and aspirations. If you work where you are gifted, it will not “feel” like work.

What advice would you give to the next generation of professionals aspiring to become an HR Leader?

Broaden your base of knowledge. Business classes and communication classes are essential. Don’t neglect budget or technology classes. The world is changing. We must change to remain relevant.

As both a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Panel discussion, and as an attendee, how was your experience at the HR Management Institute this July 2017?

I enjoyed the panel experience. I was able to share some of Aflac’s diversity and inclusion best practices, but I also learned from the moderator and panel members about some of their own challenges and how they successfully overcame them.

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