Speaker Spotlight: Kristine Emmett, VP, HR – Media, Network & IT, Bell Canada


This week's HR Management Institute Canada’s Speaker Spotlight features Kristine Emmett, VP, HR – Media, Network & IT at Bell Canada, who will be one of the HR Leaders on a panel discussing “Strategies and Solutions to Meet the Challenges and Concerns of Today’s HR Leaders”.

We had the chance to catch up with Kristine this week to ask her a few questions about her role, her career and her advice for aspiring HR Leaders.  This is what she shared with us:

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced along your career path?

The biggest obstacle I have faced on my career path is me - balancing my expectations of being an executive and a mom.  Most days, I feel blessed to be able to do both and many days, I feel like I should be giving more to one area, or the other.  On a good day, I have had a positive impact on the business and my children.  On a bad day, I have missed a school function or not had the extra time I have wanted to invest in the business.  The good thing is that I am never bored.   I know that I need to be a role model for young moms facing the same challenges and for my children, to know that women need to play a major role in the workforce.

What attributes or personal characteristics do you believe are integral to your role?

As a senior HR professional the three characteristics that are integral to the role are:

-        Business acumen - you need to understand the business strategy and create the people strategy to enable the business to achieve its objectives

-        Leadership - to inspire your HR team and to build the leadership capability within the organization

-        HR Competencies

What advice would you give to the next generation of professionals aspiring to become an HR Leader?  

The advice I would give to someone moving up the ranks, is that you need to be a strategic partner for the business.  This requires HR competencies, business and leadership acumen.  And HR competencies need to be thought about much more broadly than HR compliance - analytical thinking, change leadership, being a critical influencer and a human capital champion.  Early in your career, make moves that give you this broad experience; move into the business and manage a large team, move from a front line HR role, to organizational development, compensation, labour relations....  The broader your experience, the better.

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