Healthcare HR : Innovative Technology to Measure Culture and Leverage A.I. for Predictive Performance

HR Leaders from the largest and most prestigious hospitals and healthcare systems across the U.S. gather to discuss most pressing HR Industry Issues

Atlanta, October 30, 2017 – Humantelligence, the leading cloud-based recruiting and culture analytics platform, today announced its participation at the Healthcare HR Management Institute (HRMI) Conference where HR Leaders from the largest and most prestigious hospitals and healthcare systems across the U.S. discuss strategies for engaging in a culture of success in an ever-changing Healthcare environment.

The Healthcare HRMI Conference offers a compelling agenda with topics addressing the needs of the Healthcare HR professionals including the importance of driving a culture of success, using innovative technology for talent acquisition and driving employee engagement to reduce turn-over. Humantelligence brings those topics together as Juan Luis Betancourt, CEO, leads a strategic session titled: “The Most Important Innovation in Hiring Since the Resume – How A.I. can Shorten the Recruiting Process, Find Better Culture Fit & Reduce Turnover.”

As a key component of the conference agenda consisting of a series of interactive panels with opportunities for sharing of best practices, Humantelligence discusses using A.I. and cognitive assessments to measure culture fit with teams, departments and at the corporate level, which leads to predictive performance and helps to achieve higher performance for the organization. Additionally, the Humantelligence TalentFit for recruiting solution eliminates subjectivity in the selection process and delivers productivity gains by streamlining the interview process and the entire recruiting process. Recruiting for optimal culture fit results in higher employee engagement and reduces turnover significantly.

“Our relationship with IPMI plays a valuable role in Humantelligence’s vision to bring to all organizations the most advanced technology platform that addresses critical issues in the HR industry”  said CEO Juan Luis Betancourt. “Humantelligence delivers the leading culture analytics platform to help organizations reach culture alignment and hire for culture fit resulting in improved employee engagement, reduced turnover and optimal team performance.”

“Having HR Technology Leaders such as Humantelligence address our audience of HR Professionals brings tremendous value to our program and delivers on our promise to build compelling, relevant and actionable content for the HR Management Institute Conference Delegates”, said Nas Panwar, Chief Production Officer of IPMI.

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About Humantelligence

Humantelligence is a leading cloud-based recruiting and culture analytics platform that leverages break-through Artificial Intelligence and people analytics to measure team culture and hire for culture fit and predictive performance. With Humantelligence companies can streamline the recruiting process, significantly improve employee engagement, and reduce turnover. Humantelligence is headquartered in Miami, FL, with offices around the world and tens of thousands of users. To learn more about Humantelligence visit, follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@humantelligence) and LinkedIn.