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IPMI would like to thank all the participants from the recent IP Law & Management Institute

If you missed the opportunity to participate in the 2017 program, we are pleased to inform you that planning for the 2018 program has begun and you too can get involved:



“Great networking event. Interesting and helpful topics.” James Ackley, Cantel Medical

“One of the best IP management conferences I have ever attended. The quality and value of speakers, topics and vendors were fantastic.” Jennifer Chung, Time

“Excellent topics and great speakers. One of the best events for practical and useful teachings and insights into broadening my IP toolbox to better serve my organization. Nothing to handle differently, the organization and staff once again pulled off a flawless and successful event.” Jaimes Sher, Celanese

“Excellent – quite impressive. Good atmosphere for discussion of issues. Very productive and fulfilling. Good IP discussions and sharing. Networking was good, don’t’ change a thing.” David Harshman, Toshiba

“It was a great experience personally and professionally.” Kasey Beck, Multiling

“Excellent all around. Well organized, thoughtfully executed. Great team of people running the event.” Alan Keller, Purdue Pharma