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Strategic IP Leadership: Maximizing Corporate Value through a Culture of Innovation

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” This famous quote from Albert Einstein continues to ring true, especially for Chief IP Counsel functioning within this ever-changing legal and corporate landscape we see in the U.S. today. Sighting huge changes in technologies, culture, politics and global market forces, 2017 is the year IP Leaders are realizing they must adapt their patent, trademark and licensing strategies to keep pace with the transformation surrounding them. Failure to do so may result in huge costs to the organization rather than the incredible boost to the bottom line possible. Innovation is a key ingredient to this value potential for IP Leaders and by working with the organization to cultivate a culture of deep R&D and innovation, long term competitive advantage and sustained profitability is inevitable.

Join this very accomplished gathering of Chief IP Counsel and IP Stars from Fortune 1000 sized organizations across the U.S., for a series of interactive panels and sharing of best practices that will arm you with the tools and actionable insights necessary to thrive during this exciting and innovative time for IP Leaders.

Advisory Committee

Speaker Faculty