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IPMI would like to thank all the participants from the recent IP Law & Management Institute

If you missed the opportunity to partake in the 2016 program, worry not! Our 2017 program is coming up quickly and you too can get involved: IP Law & Management Institute: November 5th – 7th, 2017

Follow our LinkedIn group for all the latest IP Law & Management Institute updates.



“The event was a productive assessment of best practices of IP Management with relevant in house IP professional peers”
Joel Meyer, Digimarc Corp

“Very useful and engaging by providing top tier education, information and networking, all within an environment that allows us to connect with vendors in a very professional and collegial manner.”
Paul H Kovelman, Medtronic Diabetes

“Excellent organization, elegant orchestration, refreshing ambience, courteous and committed staff, professional speakers, illuminating sessions, rich learning, rewarding takeaways… and an exemplary Chairperson!!!”
Kishore Sreenivasan, Thermac Limited