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Strategic HR Leadership for Future Planning and Execution

As strategies of the past morph into new theories for HR’s future, HR leaders are faced with a new learning curve, and the implementation of new technologies. Through this change, focus and planning are needed to ensure success for both the employees on board, the new ones to come and the bottom line of the organization.

In 2016, 51% of millennials in their roles were considering a new job, and according to a Deloitte Millennial Survey, 66% of millennials plan on leaving their current jobs before 2020. Of those who plan on leaving, 71% said they are unhappy with how their companies developtheir leadership skills and 57% said that management overlooks them for leadership positions.

The numbers from 2016 are telling, and a new direction is needed to ensure that, not only is your HR team prepared for today, but is paving the landscape for the future years.

Join this very accomplished gathering of Chief HR Officer and VPs of HR from Fortune 1000 Organizations across the U.S. to evaluate strategies, consider leading technologies, compare emerging workplace platforms and benchmark against global strategic trends and, more importantly, to arm yourself with the tools and actionable insights necessary for strategic future planning.

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