IPMI would like to thank all the participants from the recent HR Management Institute

If you missed the opportunity to participate in the 2017 program, we are pleased to inform you that planning for the 2018 program has begun and you too can get involved:

HR Management Institute: February 25th to 27th 2018

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“I’ve been to many different kinds of conferences, group learning, etc. This is hands down one of the very best. You’ve chosen people who have lived the issue they speak about. That brings more interest and credibility. I find their stories applicable to what my company goes through. The format, changing approaches, small scheduled meetings, the ice breakers, etc. were all fabulously done. My congratulations and appreciation to those who put this event together. If there were any problems at all, they were not evident. Thank you” Teri Hassell, Sysco Montana

“Overall speakers were excellent, personal stories, passion and practical advice approach was highlighted. Good coverage of current HR challenges with culture, change and transformation. Excellent experience to network with colleagues.” – Valerie Blanchett, The Andersons Inc

“Great experience overall! I would highly recommend this conference to others in the HR field, especially high level HR people (VP’s CHROs) – who can implement change to their organizations.” Iris Drayton-Spann, Goodwill Industries International

“This was an excellent opportunity to network and gain insight from other senior HR leaders. We often are so focused on the development of our associates that we don’t make time for our own growth and stretching.” Michelle Dean, HD Supply Construction and Industrial