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Strategies to Optimize Revenue Cycle and Financial Outcomes in an Evolving Environment

The US Healthcare arena continues to evolve at a rapid pace; implementation deadlines are approaching, relationships between physician practices, independent community hospitals and regional and national health systems continue to morph and there is much discussion around the paradigm shift from volume to value. At this critical juncture, CFOs and Heads of Finance Departments at hospitals and health systems need to arm themselves with the information, tools and tips to better guide their organizations strategically and operationally as they steer through the increasingly complex health care landscape.

A 2016 study conducted by Health Affairs journal states that 55% of hospitals lost money on each patient they served and 1/3 had net profit of less than $1,000 per discharged patient.Revenue cycle management, therefore, continues to be a top, if not the top priority, and finance leaders must anticipate and proactively respond to potential losses and develop strategies to mitigate the impacts on the bottom line.

At the 2018 Healthcare Finance Institute, you will have an opportunity to learn and share insights, strategies, tips and tactics, as well as engage in stimulating discussions around minimizing costs and maximizing revenues.  The agenda has been designed by Healthcare finance executive, for Healthcare finance executives, and recognizes the importance of staying abreast of ongoing updates to regulations and changing best practices, . Over the course of the two and a half days, you will accomplish a great deal, interacting with both the highly accomplished and well experienced with speaker faculty as well as your fellow attendees, digging into a range of highly relevant and timely topics, and gleaning pragmatic tips and best practices to be most effective in your role and to enable your organization to thrive in and respond to the dynamic healthcare landscape.

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