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Key Considerations for Operating in a Shared Risk, Population Health Management Environment

Hospital and Health System CFOs and Finance Leaders are facing unprecedented transformation that is reshaping the nation’s healthcare delivery system.  The transition to value-based reimbursement and new care delivery models is having an impact on the finances of hospitals of varying sizes and across various regions.  With responsibilities for a range of strategic, operational, technical and tactical activities, the CFO role is that of a conductor and CFOs need to arm themselves with the strategies, tools and tactics to position their organizations to thrive in this dynamic healthcare landscape.

Join this very accomplished gathering of C and VP level Executive Finance Leaders from large hospitals and health care systems across the U.S. to evaluate strategies to maintain margin while continuing to enhance clinical delivery, discuss the patient access experience to maximize patient engagement and satisfaction, analyze how to engage and align physicians in care coordination and quality initiatives and, most importantly, to arm yourself with the tools and actionable insights necessary  to ensure the continued sustainability of your organization.

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