“Good engagement.  Conference very well run and organized” – Dewey Rowlands, Rome Memorial Hospital

“The quality of the speaking faculty was excellent…with great knowledge of the topics and able to present with real life scenarios so the audience can relate.  Well done” – Angela Murdock-Ridley, Interfaith Medical Center

“My 1st conference with IPMI and it was a great experience.  What I enjoyed most was the intimate and personal atmosphere while most conferences are a little impersonal and overwhelming.  The 1 to 1 connection with vendors was great; I was able to engage with the other members and share experiences was great.  Kudos to you.  It was a great experience.” – Angela Murdock-Ridley, Interfaith Medical Center

“Speakers were great and very informative.  The team was awesome, friendly, and helpful from pre-event all the way through on site event.” – Wanda James, Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital

“This is my first event with IPMI and I was very impressed.  The topics / speakers were great and not too salesy!  The atmosphere was relaxed.  I enjoyed the business meetings and was not hounded by anyone.” – Wanda James, Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital

“[Speaker faculty]: Great variety.  Very competent in areas.  Open & willing to share process improvement ideas / strategies” – Ruth Lee, Veterans Administration

“Speakers were all knowledgeable about the topics; Very good format for education & vendor interaction.” – Richard Childs, Floyd Medical Center

“The information of the presenters was good & hit on real topics impacting reimbursement today.  It helped highlight areas of opportunity for our practice.” – Christine Hall, Texas Oncology

“Great relevant topics.  The format is excellent.  I would not change anything about how the program was set up – keep topics relevant!  Thanks for a great session” – Rene Suntay, Meadville Medical Center

“Very good experience, the setting and planning by IPMI made the event very worthwhile” – Joe Wisnoski, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital

“Amount of time allocated was good.  Walked away with one idea / thought per session.  Good experience.  I have gained insight to a number of areas / topics based on others’ comments / thoughts and / or approach.” – Laurie Lamarre, Berkshire Health Systems

“Great speakers.  The topics were very relevant to current priority issues.  I’m very impressed with the overall layout, programs and set up of this conference.  Would love to attend again” – Jenny Johnson, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

“I had a great experience.  The event was extremely informational and fun at the same time.  I was able to network with a great group of people.  I was also impressed with the vendor business meetings and the vendors who spoke about current issues in healthcare.  They seemed just as knowledgeable as the hospital professionals.  Thank you for arranging and coordinating such a great conference.” – Jenny Johnson, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

“High quality speakers, relevant topics and great environment for networking” – Kirk Pogue, Bayshore Medical Center

“Each speaker was very informative in their field.  I liked [that] everyone stayed on time – moved quickly.  Loved ice-breaker and events.  Met many new people I can network with.  Most speakers were also entertaining with information that is hard to make fun to listen to” – Debra Froebel, Capital Region Medical Center

“The topics discussed touched on the core of the issues faced in healthcare today.  The event offered a more intimate venue which provided a positive networking opportunity not experience sin most larger conferences” – Sandra George, Meadowlands Hospital Medical

“Great subject matter experts; very much enjoyed the smaller audience providing more networking opportunities” – Mala Dhillon, Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System

“Overall very good event with good discussion and relevant issues.  I enjoyed the business meeting format – beats having to search a convention hall for a vendor.  Enjoyed all the networking” – Chris Felton, Lamb Healthcare Center

“Great meeting.  Productive, well done and organized” – David Mier, The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

“I liked the mix of topics – most of these were relevant to my job and organization” – Jay Ray, Fresenius Medical Care

“This was a very informative event and a great networking opportunity” – Stephanie Harnden, Coom Children’s Medical Center

“Excellent.  While this event is always great, I thought this was the best faculty / session lineup of any HFI that I’ve attended” – Tim Lantz, Sentry Data Systems

“Very well organized.  Great speakers.  Very positive; exceeded my expectations” – Karen Sedor, Lincoln Surgical Hospital

“HFI does a great job and all topics very much relevant to today’s healthcare environment – keep up the good work!” – Jose Sanchez, Norwegian American Hospital

“Experience was great.  Enjoyed flexibility” – Jessica Kalmus, Seton Family of Hospitals

“The presentation was very good.  The topics were on point and well presented.  I was impressed with event.  The format and pace was very good.  I have a number of key takeaways to share with my team” – Paul Hanson, Bay Area Regional Medical Center

“IPMI is my preferred group to handle these types of retreats.  Thoughtfully and pleasantly organized.  I feel like the speakers represented themselves and their organizations extremely well” Jan Grigsby, Springhill Medical Center

“HFI afforded an intimate opportunity for health care finance leaders to meet, develop solutions to high sense-of-urgency trends, and network with like-minded leaders!” Zubair Ansari, Johns Hopkins Medicine International

“Well organized, beneficial, enjoyable, worth attending HFI!!” Suresh Sidas, Clinical Pathology Associates – Norton Healthcare

Personally, this venue is so important to me as it is very helpful for me to bring real usable information back to my facility”Marc RusticiArnot Health

“Great experience, ran and organizedvery well” Kim Scribner, Howard County General Hospital

“Well planned and executed” Gary Hollis, Arkansas State Hospital

“Great experience – great speakers and networking opportunities, very well planned” Toni Goodin, Claiborne Memorial Medical Center

“Professional and friendly, a good mix of plenary sessions and business meeting times. I liked the format better than other conferences I have attended” Steven Eding, Spectrum Health

“The event exceeded my expectations and I will attend future HFI Meetings” John Idol, The SSI Group

“Great format, great people” Chuck Anderson, University of Kansas Hospital

“Very different from what I have experienced before, but over whelming positive. A very productive event! ” William Moore, Spectrum Health Partners

“A worthwhile 2 days. I particularly appreciate the presentations of other health systems sharing their strategies.” Deborah Delaney, Berkshire Health System

“IPMI featured excellent speakers, great opportunities for networking, wonderful venue, food, entertainment and professional, friendly and efficient staff.” Jennifer Dittes, HOPE Family Health Services

“Very professional, enjoyable conference that provides solutions for the ever-changing healthcare environment” Sharon Rives, LSU HealthCare Network

“The conference offered great content and even better networking opportunities.” Karen Richardson, Providence Healthcare Network

“This was a very informative, well-structured, and well-run event with a host of relevant topics and ample networking opportunities with peers.” Grant Evans, Relay Health

“The smaller setting and networking opportunities were beneficial” Ryan Gibson, Huron Healthcare

“The relaxed, professional atmosphere set the environment for engaging with others in an effective deliberated series of conversations.  Networking sessions were helpful in exchanging ideas that are relevant in today’s healthcare, financial challenges.  Great resources and presentations”
Marcia Cheadle, INHS
“The event is very well coordinated, efficient and effective.  I wish that I knew about this event before”
Lisa Ba, Altamed Health Services
“Good conference, good venue, very well organized, one of the better conferences I have been to recently”
Adam Gingery, Ministry Health Care
“The event was very well planned.  The mix of meetings, networking and fun activities / meals was perfect”
Kim Thompson, Ozarks Medical Center
“Good program; time & location excellent”
Mike Garman, Avera St. Anthony’s
“I have enjoyed & found benefit from every one of the conferences I have attended by HFI”
James Bird, Watertown Regional Medical Center
“Well planned, well organized & productive”
Suresh S. Das, Norton Healthcare
“It was a great conference”
Mohamed Ishmael, BHMC
“Great experience – innovative concept – magnificent venue”
Kevin J. Ohler, Promise Hospital of San Diego
“Excellent opportunity to connect with senior leadership in open, intimate environment”
Tim Lantz, Sentry Data Systems
“Very complete in the rollout, content and execution of the event”
Chris McGoldrick, Rockwood Clinic
“Overall a very positive experience”
Wahid Choudhury, Daughters of Charity Health System

“Thank you so much!  This was an incredible conference and has given us many insights which will help us make our organization stronger.  Very well organized.  Your staff could not have been more helpful and competent.   It was well planned, sessions held my interest, hotel was excellent.”
Jennifer Dittes, HOPE Family Health

“So powerful to hear from colleagues LIVING THIS.  Getting USEFUL TAKE HOME ideas is so important.  More opportunities would be great.  Vendor presentations good as they were not SALES shows but informational.”
Marc Rustici, Arnot Health, Inc

“Everything was very well done and very well organized.”
Ben Carter, CHE Trinity Health

“A great forum for healthcare executives to share ideas and challenge current practices.”
Rich Meyer, Mary Black Health System

“Worthwhile information presented in a timely professional and well managed format; fun too.”
Michael Kerr, Promise Hospital of East Los Angeles

“This is a rich lead source with very valuable, timely and pertinent educational sessions.  Great 1 on 1 interaction – strong ROI potential.”
Denny Flint, Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting

“I was skeptical at first…you proved me wrong.  There were no heavy-handed sales pitches and the quality was excellent.  Great format.”
Jeff Howard, Cherokee Health Systems

“First session, very pleased.  Made excellent connections.”
Andre McDaniel, Horizon Behavioral Health

“Great job.  Very organized, well prepared, very professional.  Great meetings and Q&A.”
Mario Flores, HOPE Family Health

“Very informative, good networking, interesting business introductions.”
Sandra Beimfohr, Thorek Memorial Hospital

“Very jam packed few days but I wouldn’t change that.”
James Bird, Watertown Regional Medical Center

“Overall good experience in an outstanding venue.”
Matt Nealon, University of Cincinnati Medical Center

“Outstanding conference.”
Abha Agrawal, Norwegian American Hospital

“Very well done.  Liked the format.  Mixed menu of roundtables – presentations + business meetings.”
Michael McAndrew, Hopkins County Medical

“Great sessions.”
John Schuster, Rosecrance Health Network

“I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable the vendor sessions were.”
Patrice Taleff, Pinnacle Health System

“The presentations were concise and relevant. Vendors were not pushy.”
Surafeal Asgedom, Beth Israel Medical Center-NYC

“Informative information for all sizes of organizations, not just the mega-institute and great networking opportunities.”
Vincent Dingman, Columbia Memorial Hospital

“This was a great experience, I would not hesitate to recommend colleagues and friends.”
Chris Higgins, VCU Health Systems

“I think this is a great opportunity to learn what others are doing and to collaborate on experiences.”
Jeffrey A Hundman, Smyth County Community Hospital (Mountain States Health Alliance)

“Program Setup was great! Taking back good information to apply in my job!”
Bob Baden, Lompoc Valley Medical Center

“Excellent experience all around. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet vendors with products well-tailored to some of our evolving business needs. The representatives were deeply knowledgeable and offered tools that are flexible and solve the issues where we are not experts. I can see using some of these products as we develop our service lines.”
Susan Olyha, Central Virginia Health Network

“Efficient use of time and the ability to step back and look at opportunities facing healthcare to take back to my organization.”
Patty Huettl, Holy Family Memorial

“Was the most efficient conference ever attended- strong content-very Impressive.”
John Marzinzik, Frisbie Memorial Hospital

“The Networking was fantastic, nice to have some one on one with the vendors, presentations are the right length.”
John Schuster, Rosecrance Health Network

“This was both an informative and enjoyable experience.”
Keith St. John, Wythe County Community Hospital

“I liked this format.  Vendors took time to learn about attendee organizations which improved the quality of the identification of potential opportunities.  I personally liked having principally provider speakers – those who have ventured out ahead successfully offer great insights.  Speaker selection at this event was very good.”
Deborah Delaney, Berkshire Health System

“This was a terrific balance of formal presentations, opportunities for informal discussions and just enough time to connect with vendors.  Great job!”
Kristin Cash Holland, St Francis Hospital

“The event was well organized and explored several most interested healthcare finance topics using best practices.”
Pearl Murray, Methodist University Hospital

“HFI clearly assembled a program of topics relevant to Healthcare Finance Leaders and speakers who were interesting and used case studies to illustrate topics and solutions.”
Rita Neely, Methodist South

“A well represented function that enables all types and levels of organizations to take away some very good ideas and contacts.”
Michael Kimbler, Medlink Georgia

“A great alternative to the classic tradeshow which often leaves much unanswered for attendee and vendor.”
Steve Scibetta, Ontario Systems

“For vendors, a great place to network and meet prospective clients.”
Mike Weeks, Vaughn Holland Consulting

“Rapid pace, good topics / sessions.”
Duane Woods, Fisher-Titus Medical Center

A broad set of agenda items that are relevant, along with excellent networking opportunities.”
Steve Umland, Ohio Health

“Preparations excellent, invitation much appreciated, interaction with peers in this setting very productive, presentations well thought out and relevant, grand atmosphere & hotel, good leads and opportunity for future exchanges!”
Sandra Beimfohr, Saint Vincent Health System

“I found the presentations very informative, with the subject matter highly relevant and timely.  Good diversity in topics.  Good thought-provoking ideas conveyed.”
Shawna Gonzalez, University of NM Hospitals

“Healthcare Finance Institute is an extremely valuable resource for CFOs / Controllers that can troubleshoot problems within your organization as well as the industry.”
Ashley Carnes, Lower Oconee Community Hospital

“Great venue, well organized and intense 2.5 days.”
Scott Blanchard, CBE Group