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IPMI would like to thank all the participants from the recent Corporate L&D Institute

If you missed the opportunity to participate in the 2017 program, we are pleased to inform you that planning for the 2018 program will begin shortly and you too can get involved:

Corporate L&D Institute: September 23rd – 25th, 2018

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Thank you to our Sponsors :


“This was one of the best conferences. Well organized, intimate, engaging. I love the size of this and being able to continually connect with people” – Tami Lambert, IDEMIA

“This was a very interactive and engaging program, touching on many relevant issues. I was pleased with the caliber of the presentations, the contributions of the participants, and the professionalism of the business meetings. I learned a lot and enjoyed meeting new people. The venue and planning was overall very good” – Elayne Sheridan, BlackBaud, Inc

“You did a fantastic job – from initial contact to on-going communication, I have been impressed. The attendee list had nice diversity and the topics reviewed were compelling” – Michael Yowell, Williams-Sonoma Inc

“Excellent program! Well put together – love the interaction with potential business partners” – Ottilia Scanlon, Milliken