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Corporate Learning on Twitter

Strategically Driving Employee Performance and Engagement to Positively Contribute to the Bottom Line

In an increasingly knowledge and service-based economy, having the right people in the right roles has never been more critical.  As the department solely responsible for training, managing and developing talent, the CLO has become an integral part of business strategy and is uniquely positioned to identify and guide your organization through today’s dynamic landscape.

From leading the charge with strategies to enhance employee engagement, to evaluating learning strategies; from comparing emerging social learning platforms, to benchmarking global strategic trends, the role of the L&D leader has become that of a decision maker, skilled collaborator and employee advocate.

The 2017 Corporate L&D Institute is the ideal setting to exchange best practices with fellow CLOs, CTOs, CPOs and VPs of L&D from Fortune 1000-sized organizations across North America. Join this gathering of experienced learning, development and talent leaders, for the benchmarking of ideas and the opportunity to network in an intimate, senior-level environment. Through a series of interactive panels, roundtables and keynotes, you will be armed with the tools and actionable insights necessary to rise to today’s L&D challenges. 

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