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Developing Organizational and Cultural Resilience through Strategic HR Leadership

Today’s HR Leaders operate in an environment of rapid change, business uncertainty and new opportunities.  To thrive in this new normal, organizations need employees and leaders who are agile, flexible and adaptable to change; in other words, resilient.  Organizational resilience is achieved when the organization has a culture that encourages trust, accountability and flexibility. HR Leaders are therefore focused on initiatives that foster an environment where cultural resilience is nurtured and harnessed to ensure that employees and management are equipped to meet the challenges ahead.

Join this very accomplished gathering of Chief HR Officer and VPs of HR from Fortune 1000 Organizations across the U.S. to evaluate strategies, consider leading technologies, compare emerging workplace platforms and benchmark against global strategic trends and, more importantly, to arm yourself with the tools and actionable insights necessary to build resilience at all levels of your organization.

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